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What makes us different?

  • We are trial lawyers, which is something few lawyers can honestly claim. Of course, we do all the hard work of preparing your case, like drafting and arguing motions, taking depositions, working with expert witnesses, and our standard is nothing short of excellence in all aspects of litigation. But there’s more: When it comes time to go to court, we know how to win at trial. Most cases resolve before trial, true. Being prepared for trial, having experience in trying cases to juries and judges and winning cases in the courtroom means we can secure the best possible recovery whether that means a settlement or a courtroom verdict.
  • We are careful about the cases we take. We thoroughly investigate the merits of each potential case so that, when we commit to represent a client, we know that individual’s or that company’s claim has real merit, that person or that business has been really wronged. For us, it’s never about a fast back, a quickie settlement. When we come to work each day to fight for you, we are going to believe in your case; we are going to believe in you.
  • We don’t advertise on highway billboards. The two largest sources of our cases are 1) other lawyers, who know us, trust us and refer their clients to us, and 2) former clients who recommend us to their friends and family members.

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