Community Legal Advisors Opens Doors

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Aaron J. Freiwald

I am pleased to announce today (January 13, 2016) the launch of Community Legal Advisors.  This new practice area will provide vital legal services and make them very affordable and accessible to all individuals in our community and their families.  These services will include basic but crucial life-planning documents, such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Guardianships and other consultation services related to nursing homes and other healthcare issues.

I have spent two decades as a trial attorney representing individuals who have suffered catastrophic injuries from medical malpractice, defective drug and products, toxic exposures, motor vehicle accidents, as well as whistle-blowers, crime victims and individuals with civil rights and discrimination claims.  I have seen many times how even more problems arise when people haven’t taken steps to plan ahead and prepare for the future.

Through CLA we can help make sure that people don’t lose the power to make important decisions about their lives when there is a significant change in their health or life circumstance.  Sometimes that change comes about because of a tragic injury on the job or during a surgery or after taking a medication. Sometimes change happens the way it will happen to all of us, because we just got older and needed a different level of care and support.

The wealthy have access to high-priced attorneys to help with these concerns.  The goal of CLA is to make basic estate and healthcare planning legal services available and affordable to all members of our community.

I believe CLA will be a perfect complement to the litigation side of our practice.  For 20 years I have worked to represent individuals who have suffered a terrible loss against powerful healthcare systems, giant chemical and pharmaceutical and insurance companies and even the federal government.  We continue to fight those battles every day on behalf of our clients.  Now, through CLA, we can also help so many individuals better protect themselves and their families for the future.

For more information about CLA, check out the CLA page.