Hold The Ice!

Posted on September 9, 2016 by Avatar

Starbucks Is Misrepresenting the Size of Their Iced Drinks???

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Have you ever wandered into your local coffee shop on a hot summer morning looking to cool off with a delicious iced beverage? Of course you have. When you started drinking did it seem like it was all gone all too soon? It may not be your imagination, a suit has been filed against Starbucks addressing that issue. The suit claims Starbucks is misrepresenting the size of their iced drinks. For example, only 12 ounces of liquid are in a 16 ounce cup; only 14 ounces in the larger “venti” cup.

This is not the first time the coffee giant has faced a lawsuit like this. Over the past few years the chain has faced dozens of claims such as unpaid overtime to excessively hot coffee. It even faced a suit from a man who injured himself in one of their bathrooms . . . though nobody really knows how he managed to do that. Some cases were frivolous, some had merit, but this one might just take the iced lemon cake.Hold The Ice - Support Image

So the real question is, does the Chicago woman who is suing have a case? Starbucks’ lawyers explained to the court that ICE is an essential part of an ICED beverage. But, if you would like more fluid all you have to do is utter two words to your barista: “no ice”. Say those two words and your cup will contain only the beverage of your choice. The Starbucks attorney also said they serve their Drinks in clear cups to show exactly what is in your drink and if you are unhappy, they will remake it for you free of charge.

After reviewing all information, Judge Percy Anderson reminded everyone of a simple physics rule we learn as children: ice displaces liquid. Any reasonable consumer knows there will be less room for fluid in the cup if there is ice in it.

It seems like it was a pretty clear decision for Judge Anderson as he dismissed the case before he could even finish his morning Frappuccino. Though the coffee mega company is not out of the woods yet, as a similar suit still pending in Illinois; but Starbucks can breathe a small sigh of relief with one less lawsuit on the horizon.

To see the official decision from Judge Anderson click here. You can read what the Wall Street Journal had to say about the matter by going here. Let us know in the comments if you agree with the decision.