A Client Honored for his Courage

Posted on April 5, 2016 by Aaron J. Freiwald Laura E. Laughlin

Our client, James Vivenzio is being honored in an exhibit by the Go For Broke National Education Center. The National Education Center is a museum in Los Angeles that works to preserve the story of Japanese Americans that fought in World War II despite the internment of their families in California.

On May 28th they will launch a new exhibit called “Defining Courage”. The last thing visitors to the exhibit see is an exhibit featuring modern heroes. Their stories are shared in the hope of inspiring those who visit the museum to take their own stands.

Below is the slide they are sharing about James Vivenzio and his fight to end hazing at his fraternity on Penn State campus. We’re inspired by the fights our clients face every single day and are so pleased that James is being honored like this.