I was a buddy at Night To Shine

Posted by Laura E. Laughlin on March 7, 2016

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)  It was the red carpet treatment with photographers and cheering crowds at the Night to Shine Prom in Center City for people with special needs and disabilities.

“It is a big deal. It’s awesome that Philadelphia was selected to host this year,” said Night to Shine Coordinator Richard Murphy.

It was all made possible by the Tim Tebow Foundation and dozens of churches around the country and around the world.

While Tebow may not have scored big with the Eagles last season, the Heisman Trophy winner and philanthropist scored big time with the people invited to this party.

Each of the 175 guests, was paired with a volunteer from Epic Church, which offers ministry for special needs. Partygoers tell FOX 29 this is a night they will remember forever.

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Laura E. Laughlin

Attorney Comment:

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at Night to Shine sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and Epic Church in Philadelphia.  I was a designated “Prom Buddy,” which meant that I was paired up with a person with special needs to assist in making his prom night an enjoyable, memorable experience.

While I was excited to volunteer, the actual night exceeded any expectations I had going in.  From our walk down the red carpet lined with people cheering and paparazzi, shoe shine, hair and make-up and prom photos, it was smiles from ear to ear from my “Buddy.”  His name was Ian and he loved to dance.

Although an attorney by day, I found myself doing the Nae Nae on the dance floor and singing along to Justin Bieber songs with Ian that night.  At the end, I had the opportunity to crown him “Prom King” and I know it made his night, as well as mine.

For me, being a lawyer is about helping people and it’s something I continue to enjoy doing after I leave the office.  My experience volunteering at Night to Shine can be summed up in the words of my Buddy, Ian, “It was awesome!!!”