Joseph Marano Wins New Jersey Nursing Home Verdict

Posted by Madeleine Darr on October 4, 2019

Freiwald Law Attorney Joseph Marano has won a $250,000 verdict in his latest case.

On September 11th, after a week and a half long trial a Camden County, New Jersey jury awarded $250,000 to the estate of an 87-year-old woman after she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage due to an unwitnessed fall at a New Jersey nursing home.

Plaintiff Hsintze Wu had been labeled a high fall risk by staff at the Voorhees Care and Rehabilitation Center, where she was recuperating after fracturing her arm. Despite being labeled a fall risk and a physician’s orders to install a bed alarm, chair alarm, and half siderails, caretakers at Voorhees neglected to monitor these interventions for Ms. Wu. Throughout the evening on March 4th (11:00pm to 7:00am), no nursing notes were recorded as to Ms. Wu.

After a routine visit with his mother on March 4th, 2016, Plaintiff Ben Wu, left Voorhees as visiting hours were ending. When he left, his mother showed no signs of injury or distress and was fully able to communicate. The next day Mr. Wu returned to find his mother non-responsive with bruises on her face.

After Mr. Wu questioned the nursing staff about his mother’s presumed fall, a doctor ordered Ms. Wu to be transferred to the emergency room for evaluation. Nonetheless, three hours passed before Ms. Wu would eventually be taken to the E.R, delaying her opportunity to be properly evaluated and treated.

Because of the actions and inactions of Voorhees, Ms. Wu suffered a subdural hemorrhage (brain bleed) and a subarachnoid hemorrhage. As a result, a feeding tube was necessary and she was unable to walk or communicate or eat on her own for the rest of her life. Ms. Wu passed away 20 months after the events of March 2016.

“This verdict demonstrates that despite Ms. Wu’s advanced age, jurors are willing to hold nursing homes accountable for their negligence,” Mr. Marano said of his victory.