Sexual violence isn’t just a college problem. It happens in K-12 schools, too.

Posted by Laura E. Laughlin on January 19, 2016

Her eighth-grade classmate kept asking her to have sex in the bathroom. Tired of the badgering, she asked a teacher’s aide for help, and the aide outlined a plan: Lure the boy. Meet him in the bathroom. Catch him in the act.

The 14-year-old girl agreed, but the impromptu sting operation went horribly wrong. Inside a bathroom stall at their Alabama middle school, the boy forced himself on her before anyone showed up to stop him. When nurses treated her, they found the kind of injuries caused by rape.

The attack was an extreme example of sexual violence in the nation’s K-12 schools and the alleged failure of educators to protect a girl in their care, something that activists and federal officials say is happening too often across the country.

Sexual violence complains have spiked not just at colleges but also in K-12 schools.

A graph from the article provides a good summarizing visual.

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Laura E. Laughlin

Attorney Comment:

The scary reality is that sexual violence can occur in K-12 schools.  Title IX requires schools to take steps to prevent sexual misconduct, promptly investigate any reports and to take remedial measures after the violent acts.  Oftentimes, schools do not fulfill these obligations and Title IX Complaints can be filed as a result.  Civil litigation against the school may also be an option to take a stand and make a difference.