What are Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries can lead to some of the most life altering consequences. In a moment’s notice someone can seem like an entirely different person. It can be one of the hardest injuries to deal with, but in  many cases it is preventable. Auto injuries, concussions, poor medical care, chemical exposures and more are all potential causes of brain injury that can leave a person and his or her family devastated.

Caring for someone with a brain injury can take an enormous toll on family members. Sometimes they need additional support from a professional caregiver. Having all this to deal with is a daunting task and makes it difficult to bring the responsible parties to justice.

Why Trust Freiwald Law?

Even the most experienced lawyers have difficulty handling and trying brain injury cases. They generally involve complex science and medicine combined with a difficult to navigate legal system. The lawyers at Freiwald law have tried and won many cases involving serious brain injury. We know what it takes to be the support system and advocates you need in this difficult time. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury and you feel you have a case please, contact us for a free consultation.

Some examples of brain injury cases we have handled include:

  • A multi-million dollar settlement: When a man suffered a devastating brain injury when his nurse failed to recognize respiratory failure.
  • A seven-figure settlement: After a women who had a documented iodine allergy was given a dye containing injection containing iodine. The dye caused a severe reaction leading to respiratory arrest and anoxic brain injury.
  • A seven-figure settlement: A rear-end collision caused by a 30-ton school bus that caused a traumatic brain injury, with devastating consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Loved One Got A Brain Injury, What Can I Do?

The most important thing a person can do after suffering a brain injury is to make sure to get the best medical care possible.  Don’t wait, and make sure to tell your physician all of the symptoms and problems you are experiencing.  Second, get a lawyer involved who has experience handling cases involving brain injuries.  You wouldn’t want a foot doctor (no offense!) doing brain surgery, right?  

When Can I Take Action For A Brain Injury?

This depends on the kind of claim involved.  The law defines the amount of time a person has to file a legal claim in court.  If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury and you think you might have a case, it is very important to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to make sure your rights are protected.

Who Is Responsible For Brain Injuries?

This depends entirely on the cause of the brain injury.  It might be the driver of a car who causes a rear-ender and a traumatic brain injury.  It might be the coach of a soccer or football team who sends a player back onto the field when that student clearly needs a concussion evaluation.  It could be the chemical company that dumped toxic cancer-causing waste and caused contamination to drinking water supplies.

What Kind Of Brain Injuries Have You Worked With?

We have handled a variety of cases involving brain injuries including:  traumatic brain injuries from car crashes; brain injuries from concussion on the sports field; and delayed or missed diagnosis of brain cancer.  We have also handled cases of chemical exposure that caused brain cancer.