Science And Technology Cases

Science and technology can have great impact on our lives both positive and negative. Take Ford’s Pinto for example, a car that caused as many as 180 deaths due to a faulty fuel tank placement. Or on the flip side, look at medical advances over the past 10 years. When companies care about their customers great things can happen. However, when companies fail to make health and safety a priority serious problems arise.

When we look at science & technology cases we look at the case with a holistic view. We take the time to learn the cause of your injury. Many lawyers don’t know how to uncover the true cause when the case involves chemical exposure, drugs, or complex machinery.

Why trust Freiwald Law?

Our lawyers have years of experience working on cases involving science & technology with great outcomes. We have fought some of the largest companies for our clients. Our lawyers are ready to fight for you too. Contact us today if you feel you have a case.