What are Defective Products?

We expect certain safety standards when we buy a new toy for our child, a new car, even a garage door. We believe the manufacturers will maintain a level of quality control that will keep us safe. Sometimes companies betray this trust; they put profits before our safety and the results can be catastrophic.

Why Trust Us With Your Case?

The attorneys at Freiwald Law have years of experience fighting for people just like you. We have handled many defective product cases including medical device malfunctions, car part defects, industrial machinery, and surgical implants.

Like most law firms, we work hard to get you the best result possible.  But, one of the things that makes us different is that we always want you to feel comfortable with the process, too.  We treat your case as if it was our own, with sensitivity and respect.  If you think you have a case contact us today to see how we can help you.

A sampling of the firm’s successes with product liability cases include the following:

  • A six-figure settlement: A worker lost his arm due to a failed chain guard mechanism on an industrial packaging machine.
  • A six-figure settlement: A defective scented candle in a glass jar caused a house fire leaving a young teacher with severe burns.
  • An undisclosed settlement:  A parking gate boom came down on a pedestrian’s head causing her to suffer a traumatic brain injury.
  • A six-figure settlement: A propane tank exploded causing substantial property damage. Negligence in the maintenance of the tank was found to be the cause of the explosion.
  • A six-figure settlement: Poorly maintained restaurant kitchen equipment left a gentleman with severe burns and permanent nerve damage (RSD).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is The Average Settlement For A Defective Product Case?

The amount of any settlement depends on two crucial factors.  First, how strong is the liability, meaning, just how wrongful is the conduct of the wrongdoer.  And second, how serious are the injuries and losses.  Product defect cases can involve the most serious bodily injuries.  Settlements in these cases can be in the millions of dollars.  We have represented companies where the losses are in the tens of millions of dollars.  To explore this further, you really need to speak with an experienced attorney about the specifics of your own case.

Who Can Sue For A Defective Product?

Anyone who has been harmed by a defective product can bring a claim for compensation for losses and injuries.  This could be the worker who is injured because of a defective industrial machine.  It could be a patient who is injured in the hospital because of a defective surgical instrument.  We represent companies, too, who have suffered substantial business losses because of defective products they relied on for their operations.  

What Are Defective Product Cases?

Defective products can involve almost any kind of product we use, such as a car, a drug (a vaccine, for example), a piece of industrial equipment, or a any other kind of consumer product.  Defects can occur in the design or the making of a product.  Defects can occur after manufacture and while the product is being stored or shipped.  When these problems occur and cause a serious injury to someone, the manufacturer can be responsible for the harm caused.