What is a Food Safety Case?

One in six Americans will get food poisoning  this year. Most will suffer immediate effects and recover. Other people will suffer permanent injuries or even death. Contaminated foods appear in supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, and other places where food is packaged, served and sold. Food safety issues are usually the result of a failure to prevent bacteria, parasites, or other toxins in the manufacturing or handling process.

Another major threat to our food safety comes from the use of chemicals. Pesticides, steroids, and antibiotics pose major health threats as well.

Why Should You Trust Us?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Food Poisoning Caused By Bad Food Safety?

Not everyone who gets an upset stomach after a spicy restaurant meal has a claim for damages.  But, yes, food poisoning or contamination can result from carelessness at a food processing or packaging plant or poor infection control and hygiene standards in the kitchen.  Food poisoning can result in serious injuries, including hospitalization and even death.

What Is Food Safety?

More and more we are paying attention to the safety of our food.  Food safety means the integrity of the food we eat and feed to our children.  When food processing companies fail to take consumer safety into account, for example, by using pesticides not approved by the FDA or by failing to follow industrial hygiene regulations, food can become contaminated and can cause very serious health effects.