Victim of False Claims and Fraud?

Anyone can be responsible for false claims and fraud that cause people harm. Stock-brokers and accountants can push financial scams like pyramid schemes. Medical professionals can charge for services that were not provided. False advertising, false claims, and packaging can all be examples of fraud. Fraud and false claims can have major impacts on your life and are unacceptable. We want to make sure you get compensated for the damages that you have suffered.

Why Trust Us?

We understand it is difficult to trust anyone at this time. The last time you trusted a company they took advantage of that trust. All we want from you right now is to talk about your case. To learn more about you and your story. If after talking and learning about each other you we both want to move forward, then we will. Please, call us today and set up your free consultation.

Examples of these claims include:

  • A seven-figure settlement: When a hospital engaged in fraud, false advertising and unfair trade practices, as well as medical negligence and wrongful death.
  • A seven-figure settlement: After an insurance company adjuster failed to perform timely home repairs following a flood. As a result of the dispute and delay in cleaning up the home, toxic mold developed and the homeowners suffered substantial property damage and severe health effects.
  • A six-figure settlement: When a young couple invested their life savings with a broker and brokerage firm. The broker committed fraud and securities violations including claims the broker improperly invested the couples money in a Florida-based pyramid scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Know If I’m A Victim Of Fraud?

Every case is different, of course.  This is especially true in fraud cases where the specific facts are crucial to determining whether there might be a case.  The best approach is to speak with an experienced lawyer to see whether you might have a claim.

How Many Fraud Cases Have You Handled?

We have handled many cases involving fraud over the years.  These cases have involved diverse issues, such as securities fraud (such as a Ponzi scheme); false advertising by health care providers; government contractor fraud; seafood fraud (by a fish wholesaler falsely labeling its products); and insurance fraud (falsely denying claims by knowingly misleading insureds.)

What Is Fraud?

Fraud is a false statement or claim that is intended to get someone else to do something or rely on that false statement.  There are many, many kinds of fraud.  For example, a contractor may make false statements to the government in order to secure lucrative construction jobs.  A broker may make false statements about the virtues of an investment to induce you to part with large sums of money.  Fraud can be false advertising or making false business promises.  When the fraud results in serious injury, usually the loss of substantial sums of money, there may be a way to cover those damages in court.