What is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who exposes illegal or dishonest activities within a private or public organization. It is an incredibly brave act because this information is hidden from public view. When an individual within the organization can no longer stand by and witness the violations, they come forward.

Sometimes instead of rewarding these people for doing the right thing, companies will punish them. They treat the employee unfairly and make the working conditions unbearable. Sometimes a company will fire the employee unjustly. All of these scenarios are unacceptable.

How can we help?

Our firm has obtained numerous six- and seven-figure settlements in cases involving whistleblowers. You stood up for what is right and it’s time someone did the same for you. Our lawyers are ready to fight the biggest companies on your behalf. If a company has retaliated against you for whistleblowing, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Examples of these kinds of cases include the following:

  • A seven-figure settlement: against a hospital where the claims included fraud and unfair trade practices, as well as medical negligence and wrongful death.
  • A six-figure settlement: for a man who was terminated from his employment after warning his supervisors that the company was improperly billing Medicare for its services.
  • A six-figure settlement: on behalf of a junior manager at a seafood processing plant who was physically assaulted when she complained to her manager about production practices that appeared to violate federal food safety and packaging regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who raises concern about practices or policies by an employer.  Often this wrongful conduct involves fraud or false claims to the government.   When an employee raises concerns about this sort of conduct and then suffers some adverse action at work — such as a demotion or firing — then that person may be a whistleblower with a claim for damages.

Can I Get Fired For Being A Whistleblower?

There are many state and federal laws that protect the rights of workers who “blow the whistle” on workplace fraud.  Often, a whistleblower is already being retaliated against by an employer or has already been fired for raising concerns about wrongful or fraudulent dealings at work.  This type of retaliation is the kind of employer conduct that the law protects.  You should consult a lawyer experienced in handling whistleblower cases because every situation is different and the claims available depend a lot on the facts of your situation.