Children bring an innocence and joy to our lives like nothing else can. As parents and caregivers we do our best to protect them from any harm. Unfortunately, there are times we can’t protect them. Auto accidents, careless medical mistakes, dangerous or defective products or drugs and even improper technique during the birthing process can cause severe child injuries.

Why Trust Freiwald Law?

During this difficult time you have plenty to worry about. Navigating the legal system can be a draining and demanding process. The parties at fault hope it will get to be too difficult and you’ll just give up. Or, they hope they can offer you some money and keep you quiet.

Our lawyers are experienced at getting you the full compensation you deserve. We’ll be there for you so you can be there for your child. If your child has suffered injuries please contact the attorneys at Freiwald Law for a free consultation.

We have handled numerous cases in this area, including:

  • A multi-million dollar verdict: A neurologist prescribed Depakote, an anti-seizure medication, and then failed to perform routine tests to monitor the function of his liver, knowing that the drug is known to be toxic to the liver. This led to uncontrollable liver failure and the boy’s death.
  • A multi-million dollar verdict: A pediatrician failed to diagnose bacterial meningitis leading to the death of a 13-month old child. A six-figure settlement: When a young boy was struck by a car as he crossed the street to get to school.
  • A six-figure settlement: A pharmacy mixed up a young boy’s anti-rejection medication after an organ transplant causing his body to reject the organ.