We place our loved ones in nursing homes because we believe they are able to provide them with responsible and respectful care. Our elderly parents and other family members are often fragile and need attention and dedicated, quality are. They deserve that much. That’s why when nursing home care turns into neglect and suffering, the pain is especially great. We trusted them to look after our loved ones.

Unfortunately, the level of care in a healthcare facility is many times far below acceptable standards. We wouldn’t have trusted them and placed our loved ones in their care if we had only known that.

Why Trust Freiwald Law?

We can imagine trusting anyone right now is going to be difficult. The last person you trusted caused a serious injury to your loved one. We’re not looking to get your trust yet, we want to earn it by being there for you.

We understand that sometimes financial compensation is not enough. Yes, we will work hard to obtain the largest monetary settlement or jury verdict possible. But we will also work hard to make a difference. If we can force a facility to change its ways so that no one else has to go through what you and your family have gone through, we are going to do whatever we can to make that happen. If you or your loved one have fallen victim to a nursing home injury please contact us today for a free consultation. Together we can get you the justice you deserve.

Some of the firm’s cases in this area include:

  • A nursing home patient was found strangled by a wheelchair restraint. During the case, it was revealed that the patient had asked for help re-positioning his seat, but a staff member had refused because she claimed to be off-duty.
  • An immobile patient developed severe pressure sores, followed by systemic infection (sepsis) and death.
  • An elderly patient fell from bed after a staff member failed to follow the plan of care for the patient, which required two staff members to be involved in moving the patient.
  • Nursing home staff failed to make a timely consultation with a physician in light of an elderly patient’s clear signs of a serious infection from poorly-treated pressure sores.