Prescription Drug Error



When a doctor prescribes a drug you expect that drug to help, not hurt. Tragically, a prescription drug error is one of the most common medical errors in our country and the consequences can be just about the most devastating and catastrophic. The Institute of Medicine states more that 1.5 million medication errors occur each year. These errors result in $3.5 billion in lost wages and additional medical expenses.

Medical errors can range from a doctor prescribing the wrong medication or a wrong dosage. They can be a pharmacist giving you the wrong drug or the wrong amount. It can even be failure to warn about side effects from a specific drug.

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Whether the medication error occurs in the hospital or a retail pharmacy or through a mail-order formulary, our firm’s attorneys have successfully handled many cases. These are just a few examples:

  • A multi-million dollar verdict: Following two liver transplants a young man was prescribed an anti-seizure drug but was not monitored for the known complications. He died shortly after.
  • A six-figure settlement: An elderly woman who was prescribed a medication that was contra-indicated given other drugs she was already taking suffered an irreversible hypoglycemic incident and died.
  • A six-figure settlement: A laboratory error caused a woman to overdose on Coumadin. She suffered massive internal bleeding and died.
  • A six-figure settlement: A mail-order pharmacy negligently prepared a prescription for anti-rejection medication that a child needed following a heart transplant procedure. As a result of the misfilled prescription, the child suffered catastrophic injuries from rejection of the transplanted heart.